The precision of the PRIMO system allows you to align your pattern with the microstructures of your substrates and thus micropattern your biomolecules of interest in 3D.

Control cell adhesion in 3D and cell confinement, for easier imaging!

hepatocytes adhering on patterns of fibronectin
3 hepatocytes HepG2 adhering on patterns of fibronectin on the sides and the bottom of a micro-well. Courtesy of C. Stoecklin and V. Viasnoff
micro-pillars base layer
Combining topographical cues and biochemical cues at cell aggregate level by addition of a micro-pillars base layer. Patient-derived head and neck cancer cell aggregates (HN cells) were grown into 60 µm diameter and 30 µm height micro-niches with Laminin (green) homogeneously coated on the pit walls, and fibronectin (red) coated on the NOA 73 micro-pillars (2 µm height and diameter). Courtesy of C. Stoecklin and V. Viasnoff

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