During development, neurons migrate in response to gradients of molecules to reach their final destination in the brain.

PRIMO technology offers the possibility to micropattern gradients of molecules and is therefore particularly suitable for quantitatively determining the chemo-attractant or chemo-repellent effect of axon guidance cues.

wheel pattern of laminin
Chicken brain explant positioned in the center of a wheel pattern of laminin labeled with alexa488 (green). Courtesy of H. Ducuing, R. Moore, Y. Lecomte, P.-O. Strale and V. Studer.

Axon guidance on the spokes and around the circumference of the laminin wheel pattern (24-hours time-lapse video). Courtesy of H. Ducuing, R. Moore, Y. Lecomte, P.-O. Strale and V. Studer.

Primary hippocampal neurons on a grid of laminin optimized and patterned with PRIMO.

Nathalie Piette - Neuron micropattern
Epifluorescence image of rat hippocampal neurons (DIV14) immunostained with Anti-SynCAM1 (Secondary antibody coupled to A488) in culture on SynCAM1-Fc micropatterns done with PRIMO (5 µm dots). Courtesy of Nathalie Piette, Cell Organ-izers Joint Lab, IINS Bordeaux and Alvéole.
Micropattern image of dots
5 µm dots micropatterns of SynCAM1-Fc used to generate the neuronal network.

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