Conduct reproducible high content screening experiments on single cells or cell populations isolated on your custom micropatterns!

Single cell high-throughput micropatterning for high content screening.

Many high-content screening assays are conducted on single cells. With its micrometer resolution, PRIMO micropatterning system allows to pattern any image at subcellular and cellular scale with high reproducibility.

Therefore, PRIMO allows to precisely isolate single cells and study them in homogeneous and standardized conditions.

Left: Epifluorescence image of RPE1 cells stained for actin into 9 patterned wells. Right: Zoom on one field of view. Red: actin, Green: fibrinogen A488, Blue: nucleus.

Cell population high-throughput micropatterning for high content screening assays.

High-throughput micropatterning is not restricted to single cells and the use of bigger micropatterns allows to conduct high content screening assays on cell populations.

Left: Epifluorescence image of HeLa cells stained for actin into 9 patterned wells. Right: Zoom on different patterns of cells and the corresponding projected image.

Protocol available for downloading!

” High-throughput micropatterning on 96 well plates using PRIMO contactless photopatterning system “

Protocol - Application Note - High-throughput micropatterning in 96 well plates using PRIMO

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