Create your own microstructured substrates!

Use PRIMO to structure photosensitive resins and create reusable molds on which you can polymerize your favorite material in the shape you want.

And to go even further, you can then micropattern biomolecules on your substrates to combine biochemical and topographic control.

Micro-pillars of 5 µm diameter spaced by 5 µm made by the replica molding of a primary SU8 photoresist master obtained by photolithography with PRIMO.
Sequential photopatterning of Fibrinogen-A488 in green and Protein A-A647 in red onto PDMS micro-pillars microfabricated with PRIMO.
PEG-biotin successively photopolymerized with PRIMO
PEG-DA mixed with PEG-FITC (green), PEG-TRITC (blue) or PEG-biotin successively photopolymerized with PRIMO. Streptavidin incubated afterward specifically stains the outer surface of the PEG-biotin hydrogel (red). Courtesy of C. Stoecklin and V. Viasnoff

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