PRIMO at University of Geneva

Publié le 12 juillet 2018

Last week we were at The University of Geneva to instal PRIMO after a successful demo!

Pau Guillamat from Aurélien Roux’ lab uses PRIMO contactess and maskless micropatterning to study epithelial dynamics.

Check some of his previous work with PRIMO.


Made in Woods Hole

Publié le 9 juillet 2018

The team who loaned a PRIMO for this year Physiology Summer Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory made quite an experiment!

To study cell junctions under curvature, they patterned MDCK cells on a spiral fibronectin pattern.

Check the video.


New Application Note

Publié le 15 mai 2018

« Controlling the topography and biochemistry of cell culture substrates with PRIMO »

One of the challenges confronting cell biologists is to mimic the micro-environment in vitro to more efficiently study living cells. (…) PRIMO allows to tailor cell microenvironment topography via microfabrication and biochemistry via micropatterning…

Read the application note


Cell behavior study by Aurelien Roux’ Lab

Publié le 30 avril 2018

When you offer cells a choice… Yes they go for the higher protein density! Experiment conducted by Pau Guillamat from Aurelien Roux’ lab – University of Geneva.

Watch the video of cells migrating towards two different protein densities in Pau Guillamat’s testimonial.


New paper by Virgile Viasnoff’s lab using PRIMO and micro-niches

Publié le 30 mars 2018

Virgile Viasnoff‘s lab at the Mechanobiology Institute – National University of Singapore is going further in controlling cell microenvironment in 3D: with micro-niches in which they control chemical, topographical and rheological cues using PRIMO photopatterning system! 

Read their Paper.


User testimonial – Cell division study

Publié le 8 mars 2018

See how Jorge Ferreira form i3S, Universidade do Porto used PRIMO custom micropatterning technology to control cellular geometry and impose spatial constraints during mitotic progression.

And read his feedback on PRIMO technology.


New scientific paper using PRIMO

Publié le 6 mars 2018

New scientific paper in which PRIMO was used:  In situ photo-patterning of pressure-resistant hydrogel membranes with controlled permeabilities in PEGDA microfluidic channels, Lab Chip, 2018, Advance Article, Jérémy Decock, Mathias Schlenkb and Jean-Baptiste Salmon.

Read it here

List of papers using PRIMO here


Combination of micropatterning and super-resolution

Publié le 31 octobre 2017

2D-STORM image by Abbelight of patterned epithelial cells labelled for Actin on square micropatterns done with PRIMO.


Micropatterning and focal adhesions

Publié le 11 septembre 2017

Epithelial cells plated on a grid micropatterned with PRIMO: Actin (green), focal adhesions (red) and nuclear enveloppe (blue).


Micrometric eclipse

Publié le 21 août 2017

We witnessed a micrometric solar eclipse over France before the real one happened in the USA! Scale bar = 50µm


No limits to your patterns

Publié le 16 août 2017

Pattern of the day done with PRIMO, Eiffel Tower in Fibronectin and then with MDCK cells.


Patterning is art

Publié le 12 juillet 2017

Thibaut Brunet shared on Twitter a picture of cells plated on micropatterns he generated with PRIMO, during the Physiology summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL). Imaged by Nikon USA.