Easy and homogeneous cell confinement and positioning on TEM Grids.

Leonardo software automatically detects structures on your substrates, such as the mesh of a TEM Grid, and then positions your micropatterns within these microstructures while leaving you free to tune their sizes.

Leonardo proposes two ways to generate series of homogeneous micropatterns automatically positioned within the mesh of the TEM Grid, without damaging its surface (contactless technique):

  • Using one same pattern on the whole surface of a TEM Grid
  • Using different series of micropatterns on one TEM Grid

In the end, PRIMO contactless micropatterning system allows to make sure cells are well positioned and confined within the grids for imaging them in reproducible conditions, as shown by L. Engel et al.* and by M. Toro-Nahuelpan et al.**

* L. Engel et al., Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2019

** M. Toro-Nahuelpan et al., Nature Methods, 2019