Unrivalled performances

  • Contactless photopatterning of cells onto the structured substrate
  • Precise alignment of biomolecules on the 3D microstructures
  • Multiprotein patterning on structured substrates

Contactless photopatterning of cells onto the structured substrate

Our device is a suitable tool to structure photosensitive resists and to create molds on which elastomeric (PDMS) solution can be polymerized. Then the structured PDMS can be specifically functionalized with biomolecules using the UV-light structured by PRIMO and a specific photoinitiator (PLPP). Cells can then be seeded and will only adhere on the adhesion proteins.

Down below are some examples of arrays of micropillars fabricated and subsequently decorated with MEF cells.

SEM images of Huh-7 cells micropatterned onto (A) furrows and (B) concave troughs and convex humps, and corresponding protein micropatterns images. Scale bar = 10 µm. Matthieu Opitz et al., App Notes, 2019.

Precise alignment of biomolecules on the 3D microstructures by PRIMO

Leonardo (PRIMO’s software) allows a precise positioning of the different patterns on the 3D microstructures under the microscope thanks to the control of the motorized stage and the camera view of the sample. Thus, PRIMO is a complete tool to improve the relevance of in vitro models as it enables the creation of complex biomimetic materials by combining microfabrication and micropatterning.

Fluorescent fibronectin micropatterns (red) onto structures. Epifluorescence image of MEF cells stained for actin (green) and nucleus (blue) onto patterned micro-pillars (bottom). Pierre-Olivier Strale et al., App Note, 2018.

Multiprotein patterning on structured substrates

With PRIMO it is possible to micropattern multiple biomolecules on microstructured substrates to control both the biophysical properties of the substrate (structuration, stiffness) and the biochemical parameters (cell adhesion proteins, molecule delivery, etc.) to make complex models for cell-based assay.

Down below is an example of multi-protein photopatterning onto PDMS micro-pillars.

Sequential photopatterning of Fibrinogen-A488 in green and Protein A-A647 in red onto PDMS micropillars microfabricated with PRIMO.

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