Webcast: Micropatterning on EM grids

Publié le 15 octobre 2019

Ask your questions live to Dr Leeya Engel during our sponsored Nature Research webcast on « Micropatterning on EM grids: A strategy for improving cell cryo-ET workflow » > Controlling cell positioning within EM grids. Attend our webinar.


NEW: Micropatterns automatic positioning on TEM Grids

Publié le 13 juin 2019

See how Leonardo offers two ways to generate series of homogeneous micropatterns automatically positioned within the mesh of the TEM Grid, without damaging its surface (contactless technique): Using one same pattern VS different series of micropatterns on one TEM Grid!

Watch the tutorial video.


Why we develop life science tools for researchers and new in vitro models

Publié le 20 février 2019

What’s the common point between a laboratory mouse and a Petri dish? See the answer in video.


Focus on Alvéole in « News Medical Life Sciences »

Publié le 18 février 2019

Read the interview of Marie-Charlotte Manus from Alvéole explaining how PRIMO Bioengineering platform gives the researchers the flexibility to create tailor-made in vitro microenvironment for better cell experiments: « Customizing the cellular microenvironment to improve physiological relevance »


SLAS 2019: New Product Announcement

Publié le 23 janvier 2019

In the starting blocks for SLAS 2019! Meet us BOOTH 548, we will present the evolution of PRIMO which has grown into an Automated bioengineering Platform performing both microfabrication & micropatterning!


Joint Application Note with NanoSurface Biomedical

Publié le 10 janvier 2019

Are you interested in understanding the role of the extracellular matrix in cell morphology? This application note is for you.

Check how we worked with Nanosurface Biomedical to micropattern their microstructured substrate.

Access the Application Note.


Alvéole & Nature Webinar – PRIMO Bioengineering system

Publié le 4 décembre 2018

Did you miss our live webinar presented by Dr. Manuel Théry and Dr. Harikrishnan Parameswaran? They explained how PRIMO allows to work with controlled and reproducible microenvironments in vitro to more efficiently study living cells and model diseases.

Register and watch the replay on Nature dedicated webpage.


PRIMO spotted by Science Magazine

Publié le 18 octobre 2018

A focus on « Microenvironment Mimics » explains how PRIMO allows researchers to better study living cells in vitro, by creating sophisticated and complex in vitro microenvironments to better understand and control the key parameters regulating cell functions and behavior.

Read the article.


New version of Leonardo now available!

Publié le 24 janvier 2018

The new version of Leonardo software is now available! Discover it on our dedicated webpage!

In addition to the replication, rotation, alignment, grayscale images management features, you can now define ROIs, program complex experimental sequences and map your samples!