Bioengineering Custom Cell Microenvironements with Versatile Maskless Photopatterning

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dr. Manuel Théry, Research Director, CEA, Hopital Saint-Louis, Physics of cytoskeleton & Morphogenesis lab

Dr. Harikrishnan Parameswaran, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, College of Engineering



In vivo, the cellular microenvironment has a crucial impact on the regulation of cell behavior and functions such as cellular differentiation, proliferation and migration. However, its biochemical and structural complexity limits our understanding of the key parameters regulating cell behavior. One of the challenges confronting cell biologists is to work with controlled and reproducible microenvironments in vitro to more efficiently study living cells and model diseases.

The speakers present a versatile, contactless and maskless photopatterning system, PRIMO, which allows to engineer custom in vitro microenvironments and fine-tune their mechanical and biochemical properties, at the micrometer scale with high flexibility and reproducibility. Indeed, this UV projection system can be used to structure cell culture substrates through photopolymerization (microfabrication with photoresist, microstructuration of hydrogels) and to functionalize any cell culture substrates (stiff/soft, flat/microstructured) through protein micropatterning.

They will show how this technology opens new possibilities for a large range of applications from sub-cellular to multi-cellular level: cytoskeleton organization, focal adhesions, cell migration, stem cell differentiation, single cell confinement in microwells, tissue engineering, drug testing, disease modelling – with a focus on asthma and the use of extracellular matrix micropatterning to study force transmission in a two-cell ensemble of human airway smooth muscle cells.

Join the webcast to learn;

  • Why controlling the cell microenvironment in vitro is crucial for cell biology research work
  • How to structure and then functionalize in vitro cell microenvironments with PRIMO bioengineering technology
  • What are the advantages of using a versatile and contactless photopatterning technology

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