Control the chemistry and topography of the cell microenvironment and study their impacts on cell development using an innovative quantitative multi-protein photopatterning solution.

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PRIMO bioengineering platform

Innovative photopatterning technology

Bioengineering made easy

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01 Pattern

Substrate structuration

02 Substrate

Substrate functionalization

03 Surface

Result: bettercell experiments

04 Result: better
cell experiments

Unrivalled performance



gray levels



depending on
experimental conditions

High Resolution


over the entire field of view*

*Approximately 500×300µm,
20x objective



for a full field pattern*

*Approximately 500×300µm,
20x objective, with PLPP Gel



for cell culture**

** slides, coverslips, Petri dishes,
3D devices, microfluidic devices, etc.

Controlling the microenvironment

To mimic and control the cellular microenvironment in vitro, Alvéole has developed innovative solutions adapted to all standard cell culture substrates, rigid or soft,
in 2D or 3D.

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Award-winning projects

SLAS: PRIMO elected best 2016 product

SLAS: PRIMO elected best 2016 product

SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) is a worldwide community with over 30,000 university and industrial scientists who all target the optimization that potential technologies have in the progress of research work. There were 320 exhibitors in the 2016 edition of the SLAS conference that took place in San Diego. During this event, new products were assessed for their innovative advantages and impacts in the field of laboratory techniques. PRIMO was chosen as the best product in 2016.

The Paris Grands Prix de l’Innovation (Innovation Trophies): 2017 Finalist

The Paris Grands Prix de l’Innovation (Innovation Trophies): 2017 Finalist

Alvéole was selected as a finalist in the Health section of the City of Paris Innovation Trophies. The goal of this contest is to support and reward innovative Parisian companies in quickly growing fields, which develop the economy in Greater Paris. Since it was founded, the Innovation Trophies have awarded 67 prizes to over 3,200 candidates. The 2017 Awards Ceremony will be held on December 12 in Paris.

The 2014 Worldwide Innovation Contest: Alvéole comes in first place

The 2014 Worldwide Innovation Contest: Alvéole comes in first place

Alvéole was the winner of the Worldwide Innovation Contest for its CellForLife project in the individual medicine category. This ambitious project proposes a complete offer with a manipulation platform and a miniaturized device to control stem cell differentiation, in order to devise personalized treatments for patients suffering from genetic diseases. In the framework of their work on Rett syndrome, researchers from the Cochin Institute used tools made by Alvéole to understand this pathology and develop targeted therapies.

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