A fruitful collaboration

Since 2010, through three research contracts and a successful technology transfer (the PRIMO system and the LIMAP technology), the Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience of the University of Bordeaux (IINS) and Alvéole have established a close research and development collaboration in the fields of bioengineering and in vitro cell models. The creation of a Joint Laboratory opens up new perspectives for this fruitful partnership between Alvéole and the IINS.

A common vision

The importance of the cellular microenvironment

Both specializing in the control of the cellular microenvironment and facing the same issues, the two entities Alvéole and IINS are joining forces in a joint laboratory around two challenges: accelerating their progress in controlling the cellular environment and facilitating access to these innovations by converting them into business solutions that are easy to use and with reproducible results.

By joining their research efforts in the Joint Lab “Cell Organ-izers”, Alvéole and the IINS hope to become key players in the development of bioengineering tools for more reliable human cell models in vitro for fundamental research, modeling of diseases and drug testing.

“Cell Organ-izers” Joint Laboratory research axes

Led by six members from Vincent Studer’s lab and Alvéole R&D team, with complementary expertises (cell culture, material physics, biochemistry, imaging), the Cell-Organ-izers research partnership is focused on improving in vitro human cell models through:

  • Prototyping
  • Imaging and analysis
  • High-speed production

More on Vincent Studer’s lab

The Cell Organ-izers Joint Laboratory Team

Vincent Studer

Vincent Studer

Director of research CNRS (DR2), Cell Organ-izers Joint Laboratory co-director

Louise Bonnemay, Research Scientist Alvéole, co-directrice du LabCom OSMIA

Louise Bonnemay

Research Scientist Alvéole, Cell Organ-izers Joint Laboratory co-director

Pierre-Olivier Strale, Senior Scientist Alvéole

Pierre-Olivier Strale

Senior Scientist Alvéole

Aurélien Pasturel, Research Scientist Alvéole

Aurélien Pasturel

Research Scientist Alvéole

Nathalie Piette, PhD student (CIFRE Alvéole)

Nathalie Piette

PhD student (CIFRE Alvéole)

Sarah_Rahmati_LabCom Cell Organizers

Sarah Rahmati

PhD student (CNRS EU ITN)

Alvéole-CNRS Patents and Common Papers



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“Spectral 3d microscopy in large field” (2017)Vincent Studer, Remi Galland. Publication : FR3075401A1 (2019)

“Impression d’un motif adhesif sur un support anti-salissures” (2014) Vincent Studer. Publication : FR3026742B1 (2016)

“Dispositif de greffage micro-structure de proteines sur un substrat” (2012) Vincent Studer, Ammar Azioune. Publication : FR2988093B1 (2014)



“ Tailoring Common Hydrogels into 3D Cell Culture Templates ”, Pasturel, A. , Strale, P.O., Studer, V., Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020

“ Multiprotein Printing by Light-Induced Molecular Adsorption ”, Strale, P.O. et al., Advanced Materials, 2016

Vincent Studer’s research works

“I am extremely proud and happy of setting up the “Cell Organ-izers” Joint Laboratory as the result of the work carried out for several years with Vincent Studer’s team and our R&D team. It is the result of a common and necessary vision of a strong partnership between public authorities and industrial companies. The material resources, the dynamic and international ecosystem of academic research, coupled with the industrial and commercial execution of Alvéole are crucial assets to our success. By being in permanent contact with the best of international research, we preserve our ability to offer tools that are ever more suited to the needs of researchers.”

, CEO, Alvéole.