Romuald Vally


Romuald has been in charge of Alvéole’s management and development since September 2016. In 2007, he started as the product manager at Echosens, a medical equipment manufacturer in the Hepatology field. In 2010, he became the Marketing Manager at SEBAC, a subsidiary of one of the European leaders in medical distribution in the hospital sector. His 10 years of professional experience mixing manufacturing and distributing medical equipment in Sales and Marketing give him a global vision of business issues, essential to good corporate management. Romuald has a Master’s Degree in Biology and Marketing.

Louise Bonnemay, PhD

Research Scientist

After studying at the ESPCI, she completed a PhD in the chemistry laboratory at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. She worked on the interface of physico-chemistry and biology, on the study of in vitro cytoskeletons using magnetic nanoparticles. She then joined an ESPCI start-up to work on the development of fluorescent probes based on quantum dots and their applications in biology. She joined Alvéole in 2015 to support users in the development of their specific applications and to develop the surface chemistry linked to the PRIMO photopatterning device.

Josselin Ruaudel, PhD


After studying at the “Institut d’Optique Graduate School”, he completed his PhD at the Institut d’Optique’s “Charles-Fabry” Laboratory, working on the creation of a source of entangled atoms pairs. He subsequently held two teaching and associate research positions at “Kastler-Brossel” and “Aimé-Cotton” Laboratories, where he worked in quantum optics and taught at the “Pierre et Marie Curie” University and at the Technological Institute in Orsay. He joined Alvéole’s team in October 2015 as an engineer in charge of product development and since March 2017 he has held the position of CTO.

Marie-Charlotte Manus

Operational Marketing Manager

Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Biology and Marketing from the Rennes 1 University, she completed her training with a placement year in England. After finishing her studies, she joined the Thalgo cosmetic laboratories, first in communication and then in the training department for national and international distributors. She then managed the international communication and events of an international network. She joined Alvéole in March 2016 and uses her dual competences in Biology and Marketing to develop the company’s operational tools.

Matthieu Opitz

Research scientist

He was trained as an engineer in biotechnologies at Sup’Biotech and specialized in the biomedical field. After his studies, he began working in a CNRS team to study the effects of microenvironment on stem cell neural differentiation. He then joined Alvéole’s team in 2015 where he is now a research scientist in cell biology.

Mehmet Deniz Akyüz, PhD

Business Development Manager

He completed his Master degree in Medical Biology at Hacettepe University in Turkey, where he specialized in genetic testing, in vitro assays and biotechnology. He then decided to join the CECAD institute in Cologne where he received his PhD degree in Genetics while working on DNA damage responses in mammalian skin. Since 2016, he has worked as a Business Development Manager at Alvéole where he is developing new business opportunities for the company in Europe.

Pierre-Olivier Strale, PhD

Senior Scientist

Pierre-Olivier has a PhD in Cell Biology. After his thesis, he took a first post-doctoral position jointly between the Institut Jacques Monod (CNRS, Paris) and the MechanoBiology Institute (NUS, Singapore) where he was trained in bioengineering. He then moved to the Interdisciplinary Institute of Neurosciences (CNRS, Bordeaux) where he participated in the development of the LIMAP technology. He joined ALVEOLE as the Senior Scientist in January 2017.

Aurélien Duboin, PhD

Application Engineer

He did his PhD in physical-chemistry studying fluid flow interface dynamics in microfluidic systems applied to enhanced-oil recovery. He then worked in collaboration with Aléole as a postdoctoral researcher at Institut Curie to implement the first prototype system for protein photo-patterning derived from LIMAP technology. He joined Alvéole as an application engineer. He is in charge of installing the PRIMO system and training users onsite as well as providing technical support with Alveole’s R&D team.

Hélène Delobel

Business Development Manager

Following a preliminary educational background in cell biology and physiology at UPMC Paris 6, Hélène has valued a dual skill by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Sales. She worked for 15 years at Nikon in the Instruments department. Thanks to this extensive experience she acquired a strong expertise in microscopy and videomicroscopy, a deep understanding of the scientific equipment market and deep knowledge of the biology research environment.
She joined Alvéole’s team in April 2017 to oversee international business development and market its products and solutions.

Laurent Siquier

Software Engineer
Laurent graduated with a diploma of Expert in Information Technologies at EPITECH in 2008. Since then, he worked as a software developer, architect and project leader in a wide range of domains: Medical, Defense, Mathematics, … After a year working as a software engineer consultant for Alveole, he joined the team in 2017 to manage the development of Leonardo software.

Grégoire Peyret, PhD

Application Engineer

After studying fundamental physics at Paris Diderot university, Grégoire’s interests moved to biophysics. He did his PhD at Jacques Monod Institute on the dynamics and the mechanics of confined epithelial cells using microprinted surfaces. He joined Alvéole in December 2017 as an application engineer. He is in charge of PRIMO system’s installation, user training and technical support linked to the use of the system and its applications.

Aurélien Pasturel

PhD candidate

Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Project Management in Biotechnologies (BIOTIN). He participated in interdisciplinary research mixing biotechnology and microfabrication in the Sys2Diag public/private research unit before joining Alvéole in 2016. He worked as a consultant for the company until 2017. Then he started an industrial PhD in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux. The project will push PRIMO’s boundaries towards 3D cell culture applications.

Rémi Pacaud, PhD

Business Development Associate

Rémi joined Télécom Physique Strasbourg in 2012, an engineering school, and obtained in parallel a master’s degree in radiation physics, detectors, instrumentation and imaging, applied to the medical field. Radiation physics allowed him to join aerospace research in Toulouse within ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, in 2015. He carried out a PhD at ONERA and studied the effect of space radiations on satellites evolving around Earth. Rémi then joined Alvéole in 2019 in the frame of a Volontariat à l’International en Entreprise (VIE). He works as a Business Development Associate and develops Alvéole’s business in Europe.