New version and new concept

The LEONARDO software has been developed to control the PRIMO system and optimize the usage of its different capabilities.

The new LEONARDO 5 is built in modules to improve its ease of use and to save time while performing experiments with PRIMO: micropatterning, EM grids micropatterning, multiwell plates micropatterning, hydrogel structuration, microfabrication, multi-images projection.

The new features and modules have been approved and validated by our users.

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LEONARDO 5 advantages

LEONARDO 5 is more user-friendly and includes many new functionalities.

It matches the user’s needs:

  • Ergonomic and handy GUI with automatized functionalities, increased
    intuitiveness & clearer icon designs
  • Step-by-step workflow to guide you in using the different modules
  • New report format allowing to save the entire information of your experiment

New functionalities have been implemented:

  • Management of microscope motorizations: in addition to the xy stage and camera, LEONARDO is now able to control the microscope objective switches. Furthermore, the z value can be saved to ensure a correct focus on the sample.
  • User session to save your own experimental parameter preferences for each module (ie doses, replications, spacing, grey level, rotation)

Teaser : how to work with LEONARDO 5

The new LEONARDO software mindset

Pick up the appropriate module for your experiments and save your experimental parameters.

EM Grids module

Hydrogel Structuration: photopolymerize UV-sensitive hydrogels by adjusting the illumination parameters (black and white, or grayscale) to obtain complex 3D structures.


Microfabrication: microfabricate full microchips and organ-on-a-chip by quickly loading large image files thanks to an optimized file processing.


Multi-image Projection: a film-like projection of patterns, where successive different images can be displayed with a chosen projection duration.

Micropatterning: the most versatile module with handy functionalities to quickly set up your photopatterning experiment on any cell culture substrate.


EM Grids Micropatterning: micropattern one or several EM grids in a row by saving the z value, and take advantage of the improved autodetection of the grids to improve your cryo-ET workflow.
Select a customized grid area, to position your micropatterned cells: in the center for an improved FIB milling throughput or out of damaged grid squares.


Multiwell Plates Micropatterning: micropattern multiwell plates by choosing a standard or customized template. Place your patterns in any well (line, column, and clubbed wells) and anywhere inside the well.

Multiwell Plates Micropatterning module

LEONARDO 5 compatibility


1.4 version
2.0 version


Windows7 to Windows11

Microscope equipment

All devices*
integrated under

*camera, stage, z motorization, objectives, fluorescence

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Bioengineering unleashed

PRIMO 2, new generation with compact footprint, new optical design allowing epi-fluorescence microscopy and faster performances. Micropatterning, hydrogel polymerization and microfabrication, all in a single device. Create bespoke in vitro cellular microenvironments and get better cell models for your cell biology experiments or cryo-ET studies.
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The photoactivatable product line

PRIMO is a UV-based photopatterning system with a diverse range of applications including micropatterning and hydrogel structuration. Our product line supports both of these applications with photoactivable reagents. PLPP Classic: enables high-throughput micropatterning of cell culture substrates when illuminated with PRIMO. PLPP Gel: accelerates the speed of your micropatterning experiments and substrate biofunctionalization up to 30 times compared to PLPP Classic. HyPE: enables to flexibly structure hydrogels in 2.5D, while coupled with UV.
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New hardware solution with integrated optics

No inverted microscope available for PRIMO2? We are now offering a micropatterning platform with integrated optics. This platform gives you access to the PRIMO2 technology without the need for a dedicated microscope. An all-in-one platform for micropatterning, hydrogel polymerization, and microfabrication. Non-contractual image
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