The photoactivatable product line

PRIMO is a UV-based photopatterning system with a diverse range of applications including micropatterning and hydrogel structuration. Our product line supports both of these applications with photoactivable reagents.
PLPP Classic:
enables high-throughput micropatterning of cell culture substrates when illuminated with PRIMO.
PLPP Gel: accelerates the speed of your micropatterning experiments and substrate biofunctionalization up to 30 times compared to PLPP Classic.
enables to flexibly structure hydrogels in 2.5D, while coupled with UV.

PLPP: High throughput micropatterning

PRIMO is a UV-based photopatterning system that allows you to modify the biochemistry of your cell culture substrate. Using PRIMO’s illumination and the PLPP (Classic or Gel) will enable high-throughput micropatterning of your cell culture substrates.

High throughput micropatterning is a subtractive technique. First, cover your usual cell culture substrate with an anti-fouling polymer, to prevent biomolecules from adhering to it.
Then, illuminate your substrate with the pattern of your choice, using PRIMO* at λ=365nm.

Adding PLPP Classic on the substrate before illumination allows the anti-fouling polymer to be degraded in a few seconds, and to create multiple micropatterns.

Adding PLPP Gel on the substrate before illumination allows you speed your experiment up to 30 times to engineer hundreds of micropatterns in a few minutes.

* Based on LIMAP technology protected by two patents filed by the CNRS and the University of Bordeaux.

Micropatterning workflow using PLPP (Classic or Gel) with PRIMO

Using PLPP Gel with PRIMO





0.5 sec

for a full field pattern *

*Approx. 500×300µm, 20x objective, with PLPP Gel


all substrates*

*usual cell culture substrates: glass slides, petri dish, multiwell plates,…

Patterning time
Full field pattern (500 x 300 µm), 20x objective

0.5 sec (white pattern)

4 sec (gradient)

Stiff PDMS (fully reticulated): Flat or Structured
Soft PDMS: Flat or Structured
Transfer on polyacrylamide gel (using a coverslip)
Microfluidic chip
Plasma cleaningMandatoryNon-mandatory
Objective20x only20x or 4x

HyPE: Hydrogel structuration made easy

PRIMO allows you to modify the topography of your cell culture substrate. Using PRIMO’s illumination and the new HyPE, you will easily photopolymerize on-demand 2.5D hydrogel structures.

This new hydrogel photopolymerization enhancer allows to easily structure hydrogels.

Directly mix HyPE with a UV-sensitive hydrogel (such as 4 arm-PEG and GelMA). Then, control the polymerization height of the hydrogel structure by illuminating the solution with a grayscale pattern, using PRIMO.

allows you to obtain 2.5D structures such as cuvettes, channels or pillars, used for spheroïds and organoïds, 3D cellular models, and in situ structures in microfluidic chips.

Teaser: Using HyPE to shape 3D structures

Hydrogel structuration workflow using HyPE and PRIMO


Height Control

25 to 800 μm

polymerization height

Product line with 4 formula

Fast polymerization

4 sec

for a full field pattern *

*Approx. 2.5×1.5 mm with a 4x objective


GelMA &

*Validated by our R&D team up to now

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For an optimized and personalized control over your experimental conditions, discover complementary PRIMO products.



Bioengineering unleashed

PRIMO 2, new generation with compact footprint, new optical design allowing epi-fluorescence microscopy and faster performances. Micropatterning, hydrogel polymerization and microfabrication, all in a single device. Create bespoke in vitro cellular microenvironments and get better cell models for your cell biology experiments or cryo-ET studies.
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PDMS Stencil

The multi-well solution

With its multiple wells, the PDMS Stencil reduces the volumes of reagents used and accommodates different experimental conditions on the same substrate.
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New version and new concept

The LEONARDO software has been developed to control the PRIMO system and optimize the usage of its different capabilities. The new LEONARDO 5 is built in modules to improve its ease of use and to save time while performing experiments with PRIMO: micropatterning, EM grids micropatterning, multiwell plates micropatterning, hydrogel structuration, microfabrication, multi-images projection. The new features and modules have been approved and validated by our users.
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We are now offering a PRIMO PLATFORM with already integrated optics. This platform gives you access to the PRIMO2 technology without the need for a dedicated microscope. An all-in-one platform with two different configurations available: - the MICROPATTERNING PRIMO PLATFORM dedicated to micropatterning - the ADVANCED PRIMO PLATFORM for all applications of micropatterning, hydrogel polymerization, and microfabrication.  
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