CRYO-CLEM WEBINAR SERIES - No3 - Advancing Cell Biology with Correlative Cryo-Microscopy

Date: December 17, 2020

Speakers: Pr. Elizabeth R. Wright, Dr Jae E. Yang, Dr Bryan S. Sibert and Dr Joseph Y. Kim – from Morgridge Institute for Research University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) advances biological discoveries by merging different microscopes and imaging modalities to study systems in 4D. Combining fluorescence microscopy with cryo-electron tomography allows investigators to bridge knowledge gaps between cell and structural biology. CLEM technologies are rapidly advancing in order to improve biological understanding, experimental reproducibility, and automation.
Throughout this 3rd webinar of the cryo-CLEM series, Pr Wright and her team will highlight insights gleaned from several biological studies using optimized cryo-CLEM and cryo-ET workflows. They will review some of the basics of the technologies involved in whole cell cryo-microscopy and highlight solutions for optimized workflows. They will also provide tips for better cell culture on EM grids, cell micropatterning on EM grids, and whole-cell cryo-CLEM imaging and intra-cellular targeting.
Learning Objectives:
  • Discussion on results from infectious disease and neuroscience research.
  • Review of the needed equipment and techniques for successful whole-cell cryo-ET.
  • Tips for defining and optimizing important parameters for advanced whole cell cryo-microscopy workflow.

This webinar series is presented by Pr Elizabeth Wright and her team from Morgridge Institute for Research University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). Alvéole is proud to sponsor this series of cryo-CLEM webinars in partnership with Leica Microsystems!

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