Focus on our users' research works: Engineering 3D microenvironments by hydrogel structuration and functionalization with PRIMO

Date: February 26, 2019

Video speakers:

  • Aurélien Pasturel PhD candidate, CNRS, IINS, Alvéole
  • Dr. Pierre-Olivier Strale, Alvéole

In this scientific video, we meet with one of our users who presents us a synthesis of his recent research work using PRIMO bioengineering platform. PRIMO Bioengineering technology is first presented by Dr. Pierre-Olivier Strale (Senior scientist at Alvéole). Then Aurélien Pasturel (PhD candidate, CNRS, Alvéole) presents us his work on hydrogel structuration and biofunctionalization for more relevant cell microenvironments and better cell culture. This work is preprint in BioRxiv: ” Tailoring 3D cell culture templates with common hydrogels. ” A. Pasturel et al., BioRxiv, 2018, doi:

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