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Alvéole distribution network expansion

Published on 7 January 2020

In 2019, our user community and our expertise have grown ; and now in 2020 it’s our distribution network’s turn ! We are happy to start the year by announcing the opening of a subsidiary in Fairfax (Virginia), USA and the successful expansion of our distribution network.


Why we develop life science tools for researchers and new in vitro models

Published on 20 February 2019

What’s the common point between a laboratory mouse and a Petri dish? See the answer in video.

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Memories from ASCB 2017

Published on 16 January 2018

ASCB EMBO 2017 conference official pictures are onlineHere Manuel Théry during our in-booth demo.

We are looking forward to attending the ASCB annual meeting again this year and meeting many more interesting people!