Cryo-CLEM Webinar series by Elizabeth Wright: First one on June 11, 2020

Published on 2 June 2020

Dr Elizabeth Wright’s team launches a series of cryo-CLEM webinars which will start on June 11, 10am PDT with “Correlative (cryo-)microscopy for cell biology”.

Register now for the live and Q&A session.


“Tailoring cryo-electron microscopy grids by photo-micropatterning…”

Published on 20 June 2019

Here comes another paper using PRIMO contactless micropatterning on TEM Grids! “Tailoring cryo-electron microscopy grids by photo-micropatterning for in-cell structural studies”, M. Toro-Nahuelpan et al, BioRxiv, 2019. From Julia Mahamid’s team at EMBL.

Read the paper.


Paper: Work on collective migration, using micropatterning to mimic spatial confinement of follower cells

Published on 18 June 2019

“Substrate area confinement is a key determinant of cell velocity in collective migration”, Mohammed et al, Nature Physics, 2019. –> They used micropatterning to mimic the spatial confinement experienced by follower cells within epithelial tissues.

Access the research paper.


New paper published by Xavier Trepat’s team – IBEC (Spain)

Published on 4 June 2019

“Traction forces at the cytokinetic ring regulate cell division and polyploidy in the migrating zebrafish epicardium”, M. Uroz et al., Nature Materials, 2019.

So proud to see PRIMO used in this research work! Check Figure 5.

Read the paper.


PRIMO used for micropatterning cells on TEM Grids – check this paper!

Published on 3 June 2019

Extracellular matrix micropatterning technology for whole cell cryogenic electron microscopy studies. L. Engel et al., BioRxiv, 2019

Read the preprint.


Engineering 3D microenvironments by hydrogel structuration and functionalization with PRIMO

Published on 27 February 2019

Aurélien Pasturel (PhD candidate, CNRS, Alvéole) presents us his work: “Tailoring 3D cell culture templates with common hydrogels”, A Pasturel, BioRxiv, 2018

Watch the scientific video.


For all the cell biology enthusiasts, this is a must-see!

Published on 21 January 2019

Giant cells moving on a building and adapting to obstacles. We are amazed by the CytoMorphoLab team’s creativity and how they used PRIMO bioengineering technology to miniaturise a building to the size of cells!

Find more details about the whole project on their website & make sure you watch THE VIDEO!


New User Publication: Micropatterning and T Lympocytes haptotaxis

Published on 3 January 2019

Using quantitative antibodies micropatterning with PRIMO and RICM imaging, the team studied haptotaxis of T lymphocytes.

See all our users’ scientific papers.


New paper using PRIMO micropatterning

Published on 7 November 2018

“Optical magnetometry of single biocompatible micromagnets for quantitative magnetogenetic and magnetomechanical assays”, Toraille, Aïzel et al, Nano Lett., 2018

The figure shows HeLa cells micropatterned near micromagnets and injected with magnetic nanoparticules.

Access the paper.



ECM stiffness regulates force transmission pathways in multicellular ensembles of human airway smooth muscle cells

Published on 31 August 2018

New paper by researchers from Harvard University and Northeastern University using PRIMO contacltess and maskless photopatterning, show “ECM stiffness can act as a switch that regulates whether forces are transmitted via the ECM or through cell-cell contacts”.

Access our users’ papers.


New paper: The cytoskeleton as a smart composite material…

Published on 20 August 2018

Abstract: The interrelationship between microtubules and the actin cytoskeleton in mechanoregulation of integrin-mediated adhesions is poorly understood. Here, we show that the effects of microtubules on two major types of cell-matrix adhesions,… Read paper.

See more papers using PRIMO.


New paper: hydrogel structuration in 3D & biochemical functionalization

Published on 10 August 2018

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, in collaboration with Alvéole shows PRIMO can create complex microenvironments for cells from hydrogel structuration to precise functionalization.

“A generic widefield topographical and chemical photopatterning method for hydrogels.”


PRIMO at University of Geneva

Published on 12 July 2018

Last week we were at The University of Geneva to instal PRIMO after a successful demo!

Pau Guillamat from Aurélien Roux’ lab uses PRIMO contactess and maskless micropatterning to study epithelial dynamics.

Check some of his previous work with PRIMO.


Made in Woods Hole

Published on 9 July 2018

The team who loaned a PRIMO for this year Physiology Summer Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory made quite an experiment!

To study cell junctions under curvature, they patterned MDCK cells on a spiral fibronectin pattern.

Check the video.


PRIMO back to the MBL (Woods Hole, USA)

Published on 20 June 2018

Yay, we are back to the Marine Biological Laboratory!⁩

This year with 2 micropatterning PRIMO systems installed:

1 for the MBL Physiology Summer course

+ 1 for Dr Edgar Gomes’ (iMM Lisboa) summer lab who is already enjoying it !


Cell behavior study by Aurelien Roux’ Lab

Published on 30 April 2018

When you offer cells a choice… Yes they go for the higher protein density! Experiment conducted by Pau Guillamat from Aurelien Roux’ lab – University of Geneva.

Watch the video of cells migrating towards two different protein densities in Pau Guillamat’s testimonial.


Rockefeller University – G. M. Alushin PhD

Published on 11 April 2018

Special thanks to the team of the Laboratory of Structural Biophysics & Mechanobiology, Gregory M. Alushin PhDThe Rockefeller University, for sending us this picture of them photopatterned with PRIMO custom photopatterning system! 

We look forward to seeing your experiment results with PRIMO, studying the cytoskeleton! 


New paper by Virgile Viasnoff’s lab using PRIMO and micro-niches

Published on 30 March 2018

Virgile Viasnoff‘s lab at the Mechanobiology Institute – National University of Singapore is going further in controlling cell microenvironment in 3D: with micro-niches in which they control chemical, topographical and rheological cues using PRIMO photopatterning system! 

Read their Paper.


PRIMO at Université de Mons

Published on 26 March 2018

PRIMO contactless & maskless photopatterning for controlling topography and chemistry of cellular microenvironment now in DEMO at Université de Mons in the Mechanobiology & Soft Matter Group!

Want to test it too? Request a demo!


User testimonial – Cell division study

Published on 8 March 2018

See how Jorge Ferreira form i3S, Universidade do Porto used PRIMO custom micropatterning technology to control cellular geometry and impose spatial constraints during mitotic progression.

And read his feedback on PRIMO technology.


New scientific paper using PRIMO

Published on 6 March 2018

New scientific paper in which PRIMO was used:  In situ photo-patterning of pressure-resistant hydrogel membranes with controlled permeabilities in PEGDA microfluidic channels, Lab Chip, 2018, Advance Article, Jérémy Decock, Mathias Schlenkb and Jean-Baptiste Salmon.

Read it here

List of papers using PRIMO here


Institut Jacques Monod: PRIMO & Leonardo installation/training

Published on 1 February 2018

PRIMO and Leonardo installation/training last week at Cell Adhesion & Mechanics lab, Institut Jacques Monod: CNRS Research Directors Benoit Ladoux and René-Marc Mège, and PhD candidate Estelle Gauquelin seem to have enjoyed it, and so did we!


PRIMO demo in Brno, Czech Republic

Published on 31 January 2018

Jakub Pospíšil – PhD student in Dr. Josef Jaros Department of Histology & Embryology at Faculty of Medicine, Masarykova univerzita – working on his first pattern with PRIMO custom micropatterning for cell control and the new version of Leonardo Photopatterning software.


PRIMO loan at Université de Genève

Published on 18 January 2018

Pau Guillamat, Postdoctoral Fellow at Université de Genève Biochemistry department in Aurélien Roux’ Research Group, is testing PRIMO micropatterning solution and Leonardo software. We’re looking forward to discovering the results!


PRIMO at i3S, Universidade de Porto

Published on 20 October 2017

Jorge Ferreira (Group leader) and Vanessa Nunes (PHD Student) are testing PRIMO and starting to use it on their own. Here is there first test: photopolymerization of photocurable material shaped in the i3S logo.


PRIMO loan at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Published on 26 September 2017

The team of Pr. Rudolf Merkel from Institute of Complex Systems Biomechanics (ICS-7) at Forschungszentrum Jülich enjoying their first self-made protein micropattern with PRIMO!


PRIMO at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

Published on 12 September 2017

Now in Xavier Trepat’s lab! Here is Raimon Sunyer Borrell starting using Leonardo software which controls PRIMO photopatterning system! We are looking forward to seeing your micropatterning experiments conducted with PRIMO.


PRIMO at the University of Twente

Published on 28 August 2017

Verena Schwach from Robert Passier’s lab at the University of Twente is preparing her experiments of micropatterning of cardiomyocytes on glass. We are looking forward to discovering her results.


PRIMO now at the Northeastern University

Published on 2 August 2017

Niccole Schaible and Sam Polio from the Northeastern University – Department of Bioengineering – now have a PRIMO! They are using it to study cardiomyocytes on PDMS with direct photopatterning and cell-cell interaction on polyacrylamide gel doing micropatterning transfer.


PRIMO is at Stanford

Published on 13 July 2017

Proud to have installed a PRIMO at Stanford University! Gaspard Pardon can now start experimenting with it to micropattern proteins on hydrogels in 3D, multi-protein patterning and many other projects!