Alvéole’s goal is to make the control of living cells the future of cell biology. Since the knowledge that the microenvironment has a crucial impact on the regulation of cell behaviour and functions, biologists have required new tools to more efficiently study cells and model diseases. This is why Alvéole developed PRIMO, a 2D and 3D custom protein micropatterning device that allows to mimic in vitro the physiological conditions and control the development and proliferation of living cells in culture.


PRIMO contactless and maskless micropatterning technology is a so-called subtractive technology. It relies on the combination of structured UV-light and a specific photo-initiator (PLPP) to degrade an anti-fouling coating and allow for precisely localized protein adsorption on cell culture substrates. Therefore a good anti-fouling coating is the starting point for high-quality micropatterning.


Alvéole and SuSoS established a first collaboration in 2015 with the idea of developing these types of anti-fouling, patternable coatings. This collaboration has resulted in a newly signed distribution agreement, which allows Alvéole customers to now order anti-fouling coating polymers, as PLL-g-PEG, and pre-coated coverslips together with Alvéole’s products and consumables. This way, Alvéole enhances its capacity to deliver high-quality service to its customers and offers them the best of micropatterning technology.


About Alvéole

Alvéole was founded in 2010 by three researchers from CNRS in collaboration with Quattrocento, a “creator of young innovative companies” in the life sciences field that enables academic researchers to transform their inventions into commercial products.

Alvéole bases its organization on a team that combines scientific requirements and customer satisfaction. Working together on a daily basis with a common vision, our multidisciplinary skills are in line with users’ needs (chemistry, material physics, cell biology).

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About SuSoS AG

SuSoS was founded as a spin-off from ETH Zürich in 2004 by Dr. Samuele Tosatti and Dr. Stefan Zürcher. The company offers innovative thin-film polymeric coating solutions as a one-stop-shop – from customer specific coating solutions to industrialized in-line device coating. Additionally SuSoS offers surface analytical services through dedicated surface characterization techniques (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, ToF-SIMS, Ellipsometry and Tribometry) and contract research. Operating globally for over 13 year, serving customers from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, SuSoS has established itself as a leader in optimizing product surfaces.


Dr. Samuele Tosatti, CEO

Tel. : +41 44 801 80 50 / Email:

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About Primo

Custom micropatterning for cell control.
With PRIMO, you can design your own micropatterning experiments, both in 2D and 3D.


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